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In, At, On Video Summary

Video 7. The English Idiom "to be in school" – English Prepositions

Related Idioms: to be in court, to be in synagogue, to be in church, to be in mosque, to be in bed

  • freshman, sophomore, junior, senior
  • first-year student, second-year student, third-year student, fourth-year student
  • Oxford University, the University of Oxford, Stanford University, the University of Chicago
  • high school teacher, college professor
  • court terms: courtroom, court clerk, lawyer, attorney, bailiff
  • religion, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism
  • the Star of David, the Christian cross, Allah, the Buddhist Dharma wheel
  • Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist
  • a Jewish synagogue, a Christian church, a Muslim mosque, a Buddhist temple

  • It's eight o'clock. Where's Lucas?
    • He's in school. He's in class. He's in kindergarten at Cage Elementary School.
  • It's two o'clock. Where's Sandy?
    • She's in school. She's in class. She's in gym class at Furness High School.
  • It's nine-thirty. Where's Betty?
    • She's in school. She's in class. She's in physics class at Williamsville South High School.
  • It's eleven-thirty. Where's Ray?
    • He's in school. He's in class. He's in Latin class at the University of Padua.

  • It's one-thirty. Where's Judge Miller?
    • He's in court.
  • It's three-thirty. Where are the lawyers?
    • They're in court.
  • It's four-thirty. Where's the bailiff?
    • He's in court.

  • It's five-thirty on Friday evening. Where's Rebecca?
    • She's in synagogue.
  • It's seven-thirty on Saturday evening. Where are the Muslims?
    • They're in mosque.
  • It's eight-thirty on Sunday morning. Where are the Kozinskis?
    • They're in church.

  • It's nine-thirty. Where's Roger?
    • He's in bed.
  • It's eleven-thirty. Where's Kevin?
    • He's on the bed.

  • Roger is in bed.
  • Felicia is in bed.
  • Keven is on the bed.
  • Karen is in bed.

  • The children are walking in the street
  • The car is parked on the street
  • The bus stopped at the street

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