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In, At, On Video Summary

Video 006. "to be in school" – English Prepositions

  • Elementary school – K to 6
  • kindergarten – kindergartner
  • first grade – first grader
  • second grade – second grader
  • third grade – third grader
  • fourth grade – fourth grader
  • fifth grade – fifth grader
  • sixth grade – sixth grader

  • Junior high – 7 and 8
  • seventh grade – seventh grader
  • eighth grade – eighth grader

  • (Senior) high school – 9 to 12
  • ninth grade – ninth grader, freshman
  • tenth grade – tenth grader, sophomore
  • eleventh grade – eleventh grader, junior
  • twelfth grade – twelfth grader, senior

  • to be in school, to be a student
  • to be in kindergarten, to be a kindergartner
  • to be in fourth grade, to be a fourth grader
  • to be in junior high school, to be in seventh grade, to be a seventh grader
  • to be in high school, to be in ninth grade, to be a freshman
  • to be in college, to be in first year, to be a freshman

  • to be in jail, to be a prisoner
  • to be in prison, to be a prisoner

  • Polly, Carol, Kelly, in kindergarten, to play in a sandbox
  • Mrs. Donovan, an elementary school teacher
  • Jared, to swing on a swing
  • Lucy, at the park, to play with bubbles
  • Phoebe, at the zoo, pointing to (at) an exhibit
  • Thelma, at the llama exhibit
  • Ethan, at the camel exhibit
  • Becky, at the aquarium, to look at some fish
  • Liz, a ray
  • Tina, an unusual fish

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