fist on hand; graphic that says 'It-At-On On'

In, At, On Video Summary

Video 3. Learn English Prepositions: The Preposition "in" — Basic Meaning

  • The apple is in the container.
  • The books have pens on them

  • shelf, shelves
  • one, two, three
  • a balcony, balconies
  • a camel, camels, a motorcycle, motorcycles
  • a kitten, kittens, a cat, cats
  • a dog, dogs, a puppy, puppies, a dachshund, dachshunds, a doghouse, doghouses
  • a horse, horses
  • ramen
  • a pig, pigs

  • a bowl, bowls
  • a box of cereal, boxes of cereal
  • barn,
  • red, brown
  • bran, salt, liquid, oven, milk
  • grocery store
  • a bag, bags

  • Bella's in the box.
  • The satsumas are in the bowl.
  • The cereal's in the bowl.
  • The pig's in the water.

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