fist on hand; graphic that says 'It-At-On On'

In, At, On Video Summary

Video 1. "To Be On" – English Prepositions

  • coffee mug, teacup, beer stein, wine glasses
  • towel, kitchen towel
  • cat, kitten, dog, puppy
  • Labrador + poodle = Labradoodle
  • jockey

  • This is a kitten.
  • The ball is on the table.
  • The white mug is on a table.
  • The black mug isn't on anything.
  • Lucy's on the bed.
  • Juan and his friends are on horses.

  • The ball is on the table.
  • The ball is above the table.
  • The ball is below the table.

  • The coffee mug says "begin."
  • The towel is wrapped around the Labrador.

  • The children are walking in the street
  • The car is parked on the street
  • The bus stopped at the street

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